February 12, 2020

The February meeting took place from 9:00 – 10:30am on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, in Benson 401B/D.  

Guest Speaker:  Emily Neese, Vice President of Strategy and Operations…updates on current and future building and construction projects on and off campus. 

Update on Capital Construction Projects


Timeline:  Construction: February 2020 – August 2020

Building Program and Scope:

  • To meet ABET Accreditation in FY21
  • 10.7k SF of dark space and completion of white space buildout
  • Additional teaching studios, and research and office spaces
  • Development of 4th year Capstone Space

Current Activity

  • Classroom updates for Fall 2019 classes complete
  • Preconstruction activities underway



  • Interior Demolition: Fall 2019
  • Construction: January 2020 – June 2020

Project Program and Scope:

  • Concentration of academic programs on the east side of campus
  • Reconfiguration of interior spaces for Academic use by the Anthropology Department and expanding  Environment and Sustainability Program:
    • Offices, Labs, Classrooms
  • Anthropology Museum Space
  • HVAC replacement
  • New Finishes
  • Lighting upgrade
  • New dedicated Academic space for the Environmental Studies major

Current Activity:

  • Interior demolition completed in Fall
  • Construction underway


  • 15,000# Packaged Boiler
  • Design Team: RMF
  • Contractor: AC Corporation


  • Over summer 2019
  • Improved egress, accessibility, and security


  • Sutton Sports Performance Center and Shah Basketball Complex
  • Tennis Facility – construction and completion of Harold Pollard Center (Courtside Club)


Timeline: Acquisition closed: January 2020

Acquisition Details:

  • Purchase of W-S First Church property
    • 17.22 acres
    • School building, 76.2k SF
    • Sanctuary building, 61.4k SF
    • Parking lot, more than 900 lined spaces
  • Across Polo Rd from Reynolda campus, adjacent to Deacon Place Apartments and other WFU owned parcels

Programming and Future Use:

  • Discussions continue for both short and long term uses
  • Value of existing school building as swing space
  • Potential to hold some events in the sanctuary building (W-S First will continue to hold  Sunday services and other events for the next 36 months) Access to church will be limited for 3 years
  • Utilization of parking
  • Potential expansion of Campus Rec space
  • Meet current demand – classrooms to be larger and more flexible
  • Access to academic building will occur this summer to assess use and space

Capital Projects in Feasibility/Design Stage



  • Anticipated construction on preliminary site and road work: beginning summer/fall 2020
  • Anticipated building construction: winter 2020 – winter 2022
  • Anticipated Opening: Early 2023

Anticipated Scope and Utilization Study findings:

  • Highlight humanities as the core of our liberal arts education; will serve as the academic hub for the College
  • New academic building for college
  • Designed space for first years and sophomores
  • Home for the Program for Leadership and Character and merit scholarship offices
  • Foster a strong culture and community of intellectual exchange across the humanities
  • Identified significant need for modern teaching and active learning spaces, particularly 17 larger, flexible classrooms including program and event space
  • Existing mix of classroom sizes does not support range of course sizes and current pedagogies

Realignment of Wake Forest Road, providing an inviting corridor into campus for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic

  • Planning for the Commons includes the reestablishment of Wake Forest Rd up Davis Field (original design)
  • Site work on the road projected to start summer 2020

Related Parking & Transportation topics under consideration:

  • The arrival experience for visitors walking from the Welcome Center is being reviewed
  • Creating a pedestrian section of Wake Forest Road from the intersection of parking lot B around to Olin
  • Exploring what lots B and C will look like, re-envisioning the circle loop in front of ZSR Library and how to allow (or limit) vehicle traffic with the increased pedestrian flow of students
  • Deliveries will still happen, but with scheduled times to limit volume of traffic
  • There will be accessibility to ZSR, Benson, etc – it will not be for thru traffic use
  • Parking may be impacted for lower lot (bottom of hill) – being very thoughtful about parking especially ADA and event parking
  • Building committee (internal and external)  is carefully considering accessibility to buildings, etc 
  • Allen Easley will be considered as part of the new traffic pattern from Reynolda Road – to avoid individuals using that road instead of coming up and turning left at Davis Field – student apartment parking may be impacted
  • Extension of the trail connection from Reynolda Village to campus
  • Centralized hub location for shuttle buses on campus

Schematic Design findings:

  • Determined location – East Corner of Davis Field along Wake Forest Road; aligned with Reynolda Hall and ZSR  Library
  • Size – 99,363 SF- 4 levels – natural light will be utilized with windows and portico on the Davis Field side
  • Departments – Four Academic Departments (Classics, History, Philosophy, and Religion), Leadership and Character,  Interdisciplinary Humanities, Academic Advising, Wake Forest Scholars, and Humanities Institute
  • Classrooms – 17 classrooms total; 2 with 60 seat capacity, 2 with 50 seat capacity (moveable dividers to open  capacity to 100), 1 at 40 capacity, 6 at 32-35 capacity, and 6 at 16-20 capacity
  • Support Services – commons and lounge, multi-purpose event space, reading room, private dining, testing center (for academic departments housed in the building – large enough to accommodate the students who need accommodation, student study and breakout spaces, along with conference rooms
  • Food Services – kitchen and café on ground floor offering food service in addition to grab & go options. Catering will be available on the 3rd floor to service the multi-purpose event space


Timeline: construction: May 2020 – August 2020

Building Program and Scope:

  • Structural issues at east entrance
  • Water intrusion issues above and around west entrance
  • West entry improvements
  • Window replacement

Current Activity

  • East entry structural corrections completed  during winter break
  • Preconstruction activities underway and ordering of long lead items


Timeline: Construction: June 2020 – Spring 2021

Building Program and Scope:

  • Replacement of Ludowici roof tile
    • 100 years old – original handmade tiles from Italy
  • Replacement of failing roof underlayment
  • Replacement of attic HVAC equipment

Current Activity

  • Finalization of design documents
  • Preconstruction planning activities
  • Ordering of long lead items


Timeline: Construction Start: TBD

Project Program and Scope:

  • Everything except seat covers are original to when it was built
  • Summer 2020 (tentative) – window shades, roof, and steeple repairs
  • High priority items include HVAC replacement and other  mechanical upgrades, accessibility upgrades, and new/larger restrooms
  • Upgraded interior finishes
  • Replacement of seats
  • Elevator replacement
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Interior window shades
  • Expanded scope could include new windows, along with  system replacement (HVAC, electrical, fire alarm) within Wingate Hall
  • Opportunity to temporarily relocate many WFU programs and activities from the Chapel to W-S First

Current Activity and Questions:

  • Dean Walton review, weighing in on programmatic needs of Wait Chapel
  • Plan and Discuss the long term programming for Wingate Hall


Timeline: Construction: Planned May 2020 – Dec 2020

Building Program and Scope:

  • Energy Savings – HVAC and controls, building  pressurization, dehumidification, LED lighting, as  well as water saving fixtures
  • Remove built-in closets & wardrobes, increase room ceiling height, and add new showers
  • Renewal items (electrical panel, fire alarms)
  • Exterior building work and hardscape  improvements, including new roof and gutters

Current Activity:

  • Related Babcock mechanical work completed  Summer 2019
  • Major renovation will begin immediately after Commencement


Timeline: Construction: Summer/Fall 2021, 2022 (tentative)

Building Program and Scope:

  • Address moisture issues
  • Energy Savings – HVAC and controls, building pressurization, dehumidification, and LED lighting
  • Water saving fixtures
  • Renewal items (electrical panel, fire alarms)
  • Exterior building work
  • Site work and hardscape improvements
  • ADA modifications

Current Activity

  • Schematic Design underway
  • Potential for smaller projects in summer 2020


Timeline: Construction: Summer 2020

Building Program and Scope:

  • Alignment of Wake Forest Road and  Wingate Road intersection for improved traffic flow, sight lines, and safety
  • Improved shuttle drop off experience – Create a central hub to eliminate shuttles and stops looping campus
  • Centrally located shuttle drop off and pick up to align with typical shuttle traffic using University Blvd gate
  • Site work and hardscape improvements
  • Improved pedestrian crossings
  • Use for shuttles, Ubers, Lyfts, etc
  • Will shift W-S transit bus stop away from intersection adjacent to law school

Current Activity – Schematic Design underway


Timeline: Opened February 2018

Building Tenants: Restaurant, retail, and office space (~110K SF)

  • Alma Mexicana
  • Cugino Forno Pizzeria
  • Incendiary Brewing Co.
  • Venture Café co-working space
  • CML Microsystems
  • Fluree
  • Imagination Spring
  • F45 group fitness
  • WFU School of Medicine
  • WFU Innovation Quarter


Timeline: Opening summer 2020

Building Detail:

  • 75,000 SF Building
  • Office, Retail, and Restaurant space
  • The Venable Group, a local Winston-Salem  marketing and advertising agency, and Front Street Capital have been announced as anchor tenants
  • Recently announced “Farm to Table” concept restaurant, facing Bailey Park, with  indoor seating for ~130 and outdoor patio seating scheduled to open in July
  • Morris Building will be redeveloped into  additional retail space in a later phase


Communications – Leigh Anne Robinson

  • Save the Date image created for Staff Appreciation Picnic in June, sent to staff, and included in February newsletter
  • Working on promo video – deadline mid-April – to promote the event to staff
  • Secured videographer for staff picnic to capture the event and its activities

Events – Lauren Trethaway

  • Working on communication plan and video of high level managers to encourage staff to attend the picnic
  • Next week – decision will be made on food and service project
  • Departments/offices can host tables at the event – need to contact the events committee

Fringe Benefits – No updates

Membership – Sandy Lail

  • Sent email for nominations to all staff for next academic year. 11 SAC members terms are ending
  • Already received 7 nominations
  • Have a schedule/timeline for nominations/elections and contacting interested individuals

Pro Humanitate – Kim Flowers

  • Ronald McDonald House – invited Advancement Office to volunteer on 2/20 and 3/16 


Capital Planning Advisory –  Leigh Myers

  • Administrators and resident life considering residential colleges – students divided into houses (examples: Notre Dame and Dartmouth) – presented to Trustees, but not voting on it yet

Faculty Senate – No updates

Parking & Transportation –  No updates

Tree Advisory – No updates

Council on Inclusion and Diversity – TaShaun Elliott

  • Committee will meet on 2/18 and in April

Finance Advisory – No updates

Campus Rec Advisory Board – No updates

Professional Development Advisory Board – No updates


March SAC meeting guest speakers are Dr. Erica Still and Dr. José Villalba, who will share updates on the work of the President’s Commission on Race, Equity, and Community. Carmen Canales will also join us with talent updates.

Nominations and elections happening soon! Please nominate and encourage your colleagues to nominate/run!


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