May 11, 2017

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

May 11, 2017 (ZSR Library Auditorium)

9:00 to 10:30 am

  • This meeting is available to watch here.
  • Guest Speaker:  Eric Proctor (Director of HR Office), Workday Communications Chair, and Beth Hoagland, Workday Steering Committee Chair, provided an update on the progress of the Workday implementation.
    • You can view the presentation here.
    • Workday will combine all current systems on campus into one streamlined system (HR, payroll, PTO, etc).
    • All cloud based and mobile optimized
    • Other institutions that currently use it: Brown, Cornell, Georgetown, LSU, OSU, and Yale
    • Timeline: Currently in the Configure and Prototype Phase will estimation completion of July 2018
    • Stay up-to-day by checking out our website:
    • Follow us on twitter @workdayatwake
    • Email any questions to

  • Standing Committee Year End Goal Updates and Report-outs:   
    • Communications:
      • Completed Goals: create a Facebook page, livestream meetings on YouTube
      • Still Working Towards: addition of SoMe links to our SAC Website, archiving newsletters to the website
    • Events:
      • Completed Goals: partnered with Pro Humanitate on Fall service project, Staff Appreciation Picnic, continued to encourage attendance at SAC events
    • Fringe Benefits:
      • Completed Goals: partnered with HR to discuss bringing back Wellness Incentive, assist HR with continued education and understanding of cost of care
      • Still Working Towards: partner with HR and Thrive to promote and increase awareness of staff wellbeing incentives
    • Membership:
      • Completed Goals: tracked attendance at SAC meetings, analyze effects of further breakdown of main divisions into smaller units, define ways to increase voting rates for SAC elections (used paper ballots for Facilities)
      • Still Working Towards: define ways to communicate SAC discussions and decisions with the department that members represent
    • Pro Humanitate:
      • Completed Goals: identified opportunities for staff to engage in Pro Humanitate efforts
  • Outside Committee Report-outs:  SAC representatives on other committees
    • Capital Planning Advisory: N/A
    • Faculty Senate: N/A
    • Parking & Transportation: Nothing to report
    • Tree Advisory: N/A
    • DIPC: N/A
    • Finance Advisory: Nothing to report
    • Professional Development: N/A
    • Poverty Task Force: N/A
  • Raffle Drawing—Brandon Gilliland won a Bib’s giftcard

General Announcements

  • Reminder – Retirement auto-enrollment of 5% for those who were previously contributing 0% begins in July, meaning you’ll see the difference in your August paycheck. Stay tuned to your mail for details or contact HR if you or any of your constituents have questions.
  • Please sign up to greet guests at the welcome table at the picnic! Wendy Logan will share a Google spreadsheet with time slots. Thank you!
  • Don’t forget to like us on social media where you will find all kinds of general announcements!

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