January 12, 2017

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

January 12, 2017 (Benson 401 B/D)

9:00 to 10:30 am

  • Standing Committee Report-outs:

Communications – No update

Events – No update

Fringe Benefits – No update

Membership – No update

Pro Humanitate

  1. After the last SAC meeting, questions were raised regarding the decision process for projects and events that the PHI Committee works with. Suggestions for partners are always welcome from the overall SAC.
  2. The PHI Committee is interested in partnering with the Communications Committee to investigate the potential creation of a volunteer opportunity web page for the campus community.
  3. A recap of the winter project was shared: On 12/16/16 items collected for the playground, classrooms and the Bulldog Store were delivered to Mineral Springs Elementary.  Also 15 pounds of food were collected for Campus Kitchen and Turkeypalooza.
  4. Plans are being developed to partner with the Events Committee for a backpack project for Mineral Springs Elementary.
  • Outside Committee Report-outs:   

Capital Planning Advisory – No update

Faculty Senate – During the Faculty Senate meeting a petition was signed to form a committee to examine the formation of the Eudaimonia Institute (a University institute formed to study human flourishing).  Discussion also took place regarding the process of how Institutes at Wake are formed in general.

Parking & Transportation – No update

Tree Advisory – No update

DIPC – No update

Finance Advisory – No update

Professional Development – No update

  • The remainder of our January meeting was a networking meeting where we shared thoughts about planning for the upcoming year.

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