May 11, 2016

SAC welcomed Shayla Herndon-Edmunds to our May meeting to talk more about the Intercultural Center at Wake Forest University!

Guest Speaker: Shayla Herndon-Edmunds, Director of Diversity Education

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Link to Presentation

Video shown: “Android: The Making of Monotune”, be together, not the same.

“Being distinctly different is how magic happens in the world.”

They figure out how to identify and challenge norms. Our traditions are great, but sometimes the things we do exclude folks from bringing their full potential to campus.


Diversity (“The Mix”) – the unique characteristics or differences that each of us have

Inclusion (“Making the mix work”) – welcoming and embracing the strengths of our differences, encouraging involvement, and providing equal access to opportunities and information

Engagement (“Equality is not Equity”) – if we practice inclusion, we will achieve engagement.

Undergraduate Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity Demographics (Fall 2015):

73% white

26% non-white

Full-time Staff Demographics (Fall 2015):

78% white (may be slightly off – data was missing on slide)

Faculty Demographics:

Faculty has more diversity on Minority side

As numbers shift, needs shift. We need to foster inclusion for all of our students.

ODI Leadership Team

  • Barbee Oakes
  • Angela Mazaris
  • Shayla Herndon-Edmunds
  • Paige Meltzer
  • Matt Williams
  • Jonathan McEldery

Formerly Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) – now the Intercultural Center (IC)

The theme for this year is change.

2015-16 Accomplishments:

  • Bias Incident Response System – to report an incident of bias
  • Rising Voices: LGBTQIA Alumni Conference
  • Women’s Leadership Symposium
  • Campus Climate Leadership
  • Development of First Year Seminar
  • HB2 Education
  • Gender Neutral Restrooms – with link to restrooms locations created by HR
  • Unconscious Bias Training – Gatekeepers


  • Barbee Oakes appointed to Chief Diversity Officer
  • LGBTQ Center moving to Benson, Suite 311
  • Intercultural Center is expanding space to accommodate more students (creates impact/visibility of offices sends message that we want people to have access and create flow between centers)
  • Jonathan McEldery will join as the new Intercultural Center Director, June 1
  • Now hiring Program Director for Student Diversity Education

What’s Ahead?

  • Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Expansion of Diversity Education Workshops
    • “Equity and Access”
    • “Managing Diversity” – for mid-level managers
  • New Student Orientation
  • Unconscious Bias training for search committees
  • Implementation of Student Diversity Education

How can the campus community help?

  • Speak Up!
    • See something? Say something.
    • Ask questions
    • Ask for help
    • Report bias
    • Challenge the norm
    • Talk about inclusion, ask who or what is missing
  • Stay Informed
    • SafeZone Training
    • GateKeepers Workshop Series
    • Campus Events
    • Visit Us!
  • Share!
    • “Everything you learn, share! When you get, give!”

Welcome to New SAC Representatives: Steve Allen, Marc Jones, Denise Kelly, Sheila Lockhart, Wendy Logan, Barbara Meredith, Jennifer Rogers, Sarah Smith, Cynthia Tucker and Valerie Waddell. Congratulations to re-elected representatives: Mark Cook, Kevin Cox and Susan Edwards.

Member Info: New Member training will be held May 31st at 1:00pm in Benson 344 where SAC

background, hierarchy, responsibilities, and committees will be explained to new members.

All SAC members will be emailed a survey after May 31st so that they can select their standing committee choices. Everyone, new and continuing members, should take this survey. Also, a new poll will be circulated to all SAC members in May/June to determine the best day and time for the monthly SAC meetings for next year.

Recognize Outgoing Representatives: Shannon Badgett, Matt Clifford, Karen Frekko, Kim Hampton, Jennifer Killingsworth, Kelly Segovia, and Teresa Watson. Many thanks to Karen and Jennifer for all they’ve done for the committee.

Standing Committee Goals Review:


  • Reinvent the newsletter
  • Update SAC website, Twitter, and University Events Calendar regularly
  • Held raffles at monthly SAC meetings to garner attendance from non-SAC members
  • Facebook page still under consideration


  • Continue with annual Staff Appreciation picnic on June 9, keeping it inclusive,
    • Partnering with THRIVE on picnic being held at the stadium, with parking, moving around different campus locations to accommodate WFU staff in all locations. Will have three shuttles picking up and dropping folks off, all day. Communications have been sent out. Event will be shaded. Stressing need for RSVP for food prep purposes. Reaching out to staff that work second and third shifts, for whom we are providing goody bags of desserts.
  • Partner with SAC Pro Humanitate Committee for event in Fall.

Fringe Benefits:

  • Increase employee participation in retirement programs,
    • Over 1000 fac/staff attended retirement counseling and education programs.
  • Effective July 1, WFU will move to opt-out model vs. current opt-in.
  • Increase participation in BC/BS Wellness Incentive. (It’s not too late! Do it now!),
  • New program rolling out in FY17.
  • Promote Healthy Living Programs on Campus – Erika Griffith HELPS presented to SAC in Feb. We can sign up for HELPS.


  • Track attendance at all SAC meetings. Notices have been sent to attendees who didn’t meet requirements.
  • Analyze effects of further breakdown of main divisions into smaller units.
  • Define ways to attract more members in areas that have had lower representation on the SAC.
  • Define ways to increase voting rates.

Professional Development:

  • Partnered with Professional Development Center (PDC) to focus on online class offerings.
    • Assist in determining which types of classes and trainings work well in an online format (procedural, refresher trainings, quick guides, book discussions, etc.).
    • Review delivery methods appropriate for type of class/training
      • Webinars, live virtual training, training on demand, self-study, etc.
    • Be a pilot audience and review offerings in advance of rolling out to campus to provide feedback.
  • Partnered with the PDC to promote Professional Development Emphasis Week (PDEW), December 7-11, 2015.


  • Charter written and submitted
  • Events for the year:
    • Fall – Partnered with Events Committee for Hats and Gloves collection for the Children’s Home.
    • Spring – Organized a canned food drive to coincide with Staff picnic, invited special olympics and chaplains office to picnic to talk to staff about volunteer and philanthropic opportunities.

Work-Life Balance:

  • Working closely with Malika Roman-Isler and Thrive initiatives. Committee will be actively involved in the dimensions events and programs.
  • Continue to seek other opportunities to serve staff of WFU as suggestions are made.

By-Law Changes: Discussion and vote on proposed changes to the bylaws relating to standing

committees (emailed to current membership prior to meeting.) Committee voted in favor of change.

Nominations and Election of Officers/Chairs: Upcoming elections for President, Vice President, Fringe Benefits Chair, Events Chair, and Membership Chair. Online nominations and elections will be held in May and June (first for President and VP – afterwards for committee chairs.) Please verify that the person is willing to serve before nominating. Be on the lookout for an email soon.

Events Update: Specifics on the upcoming Staff Appreciation Event to be held at BB&T Field on Thursday, June 9th 11am – 1:30pm.

Outside Committee Report-outs:  SAC representatives on other committees –

  • Capital Planning – has not met
  • Faculty Senate – at April 27 meeting, there was a proposal to oppose HB2. After much discussion, they asked to have discussion with their departments/schools. They’ve voted to have an anonymous electronic vote on the resolution in 2 weeks, which was identical to the college’s resolution. Elected new officers.
  • Parking & Transportation – no update
  • Tree Advisory – no update
  • DIPC – no update
  • Finance Advisory – no update

Raffle Prize Winner – Glendolyn Neuhaus won a 25$ gift card to the Deacon Shop!

Anonymous Feedback:

On the SAC website, there’s a form where anonymous feedback can be sent to the SAC.

We recently received a question about trash and recycling, and how it is not always being picked up at the same time. The feedback was forwarded to the appropriate folks, and an explanation of the resolution was provided by a SAC member: Due to the volume of recycling on that particular day, this was an issue. It has been remedied. The SAC will always take questions and feedback submitted via this form, and disperse it appropriately/accordingly.

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