February 25, 2014

Summary: EAP Director Lib Edwards summarized EAP’s services to staff/faculty, plans for an upcoming election were presented, proposed bylaw changes were outlined, committee reports were presented, and more.

-Lib Edwards, who leads the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), made a presentation summarizing the services EAP offers to all staff and faculty. Highlights:

  • EAP is a confidential service provided by the University with trained counselors to offer professional assessment, referral and follow-up services for personal and emotional concerns; workplace problem identification and consultation; and access to a variety of behavioral plans.
  • Examples of issues EAP addresses with faculty and staff include family and marital problems, emotional and mental distress such as anxiety, grief and depression, financial concerns, alcohol and drug abuse , and problems with children.
  • EAP provides assistance to Reynolda Campus and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
  • The service is available to faculty, staff and immediate family members.
  • Self-referral is available.
  • A supervisory referral may also be made. In such situations, it is the right of the employee to decide whether to participate. EAP cannot share confidential information with the supervisor/University.
  • There is no fee for EAP services. If a referral is made, the employee is responsible for costs associated with services by the other agency/office.
  • For those employed at the Charlotte business school campus, EAP makes arrangements for those people to see Charlotte-area professionals. They are not required to come to Winston-Salem to meet at the EAP office.

More about the meeting:

  • A presentation was made on the ongoing election in the SAC regarding changes to SAC bylaws that relate, largely, to officers’ responsibilities and election-related matters.

Standing Committee Reports

  • Communications: Kevin Cox reported briefly on the new SAC electronic newsletter. He encouraged all present to mention the newsletter to campus staff and suggest they visit the SAC web site to register to receive it in their e-mail. Kevin mentioned that he and the Communications Committee remain open to receiving suggestions for the newsletter in regard to what it does and presents.
  • Elections Committee: Ted Johnson (IS) announced the upcoming schedule for SAC elections. Since the meeting, an e-mail has gone out to staff advising them of the nomination period and elections.
  • Events: Preparations are underway for the SAC Staff Appreciation Event set for June 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Reynolda House. It will be an outdoor event, weather permitting, with food and music.
  • Fringe Benefits: Shannon Badgett updated the SAC on the Fringe Benefits Committee’s participation with Faculty Senate and the administration on a close look at University benefits for faculty and staff. Shannon recounted meetings held and explained that the committee made recommendations to the administration regarding benefits. The administration has asked the SAC and Faculty Senate to make recommendations in response to administration’s efforts to find ways to cut costs on fringe benefits. Both had committees working together initially, but the Senate has declined to make recommendations, according to most recent information.
  • Professional Development: Angie Jones reported that the Professional Development Center hosted its 4th annual professional and organizational development conference recently, with 40 attendees present from 24 higher education institutions. CORE classes continue to go well, Angie said, with sign-ups staying at a consistent level. She noted that there is usually room for more participation and encouraged others to register.
  • Work/Life Balance: Kelly Segovia reported that the committee has developed an extensive list of summer camp activities available for faculty and staff children. A link to the list will be placed on the SAC web site. She also mentioned that the Healthy Outcomes incentive from BCBSNC ends March 31. A link to a list of summer camps will be placed on the SAC web site. It is http://college.wfu.edu/summer/special

Outside Committees

  • Carol Cramer, Faculty Senate representative to the SAC, made a report on the Senate’s recent discussions and meeting related to potential changes to benefits for staff/faculty. She said that the Senates executive board was sending a letter to Hof Milam and Rogan Kersh to advise them that the Senate wants the administration to look elsewhere for funds to support fringe benefits. The Senate does not want any changes to benefits that would require adjusting them to reduce costs, she said. Carol added that the Senate acknowledges that Provost Kersh was presenting accurate information at a recent meeting when he said that staff growth was slowed to 1.7 percent in the past year.
  • Kevin Cox, SAC representative to the Faculty Senate, reported his observations at Senate meetings at which possible fringe benefits changes have been discussed. He concurred with Carol Cramer’s report that the Senate objects to the University diminishing benefits. The Senate, he said, contends that the University has not taken a “global” approach to finding the funds to make up a funding gap for benefits. The Senate suggests the University go to other University budgets to find support for benefits and avoid adversely affecting fringe benefits.
  • Parking and Transportation: Corey Jenkins reported the University is considering the issue of scooters/mopeds and how they might be registered on campus in the future. Presently, no registration is required. He added that the Downtown Shuttle for students will undergo some route changes. A ridership analysis has led to some stops eliminated, others added. He mentioned the new pedestrian warning sign that has gone up by Lot Q and Wait Chapel and added that more such signs will appear on campus.

The next meeting of the SAC will be held March 25 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Benson University Center, Room 401 C/D. Human Resources staff members are expected to speak on fringe benefits and an upcoming benefits fair.

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