November 5, 2009


1) Elections

2) Role of the SAC

3) Communications from SAC to University Staff

1) Elections

a. Proposed 2 formats for filling seats that will be vacated over the next 5 years.

b. Each format assumes everyone currently on the SAC will stay for an extra year.

c. It was also noted that several appointed seats will need to be created to balance the SAC representation

d. These appointed seats will be designated by the Division VP’s and their recommendations will be taken to the President for approval

e. Proposal 2 format was voted on to be the format to use for future seat refresh.

f. Nominations for SAC members will be done after elections

g. Gale volunteered to be on the election committee and will be present during elections and meetings.

2) Role of the SAC

a. Several questions were posed;

i. How do we meet with Administrators?

ii. How often do we meet with administrators?

iii. With which administrators do we meet?

b. Gary indicated that he would communicate with Mary Pugil to determine meeting schedules and with whom to meet.

c. It was then debate whether we should send information in the form of a Resolution or recommendations?

d. Can Resolutions or recommendations be issued jointly between the SAC and Senate?

e. Angela then spoke on HR employment policy

f. The subject of ultimate reporting came up as well as Chain of Command for SAC reporting.

g. Who do we issue resolutions or recommendations to?

3) Communication

a. It was discussed if a more efficient form of information dispersal would be for us to send communications to the Provost and then the Provost could send the communication

b. Members were asked how they currently disseminate information out to their constituents

c. We discussed how we could best advertise our presence as an entity and an outlet for issue mitigation

d. Mike Tesh has limited capability to send out mass emails. Advancement is typically the entity that sends out mass emails to campus.

e. Can we work with advancement to allow us to develop a process to send out SAC related information

f. The membership also discussed holding open forums by Division to get the word out about the SAC.

g. Mary Cranfill volunteered to meet with Pamela in Advancement regarding broadcast email

h. Mary also volunteered to chair the Communication committee to address these issues. Bob and Angela will assist.

4) Other Business

a. We discussed the SAC/University Senate Fringe Benefits Committee.

b. Regarding PTO donation, call Mimi Como to donate PTO to individuals.

c. December 1st is the end of the United Way campaign and will culminate with a silent auction in Scales Lobby from 3-5 pm.

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