October 22, 2007

Members Present: Matthew Cullinan [chair], Gary Alwine, Kathy Bunn, Randy Cockerham, Maureen Eggert, Nicolle Gaillard, Kelvin Green, Julie Griffin, Julie Groves, Cynthia Hall, Dana Hutchens, Sherry Long, Ellen Makaravage, Chris McLaughlin, Gale Newport, Carolyn Potts, Gloria Stickney, Mike Tesh

Member Absent: Matthew Cullinan, Gloria Stickney, and Dianne Weavil

Guests: Carolyn Winebarger (recorder)


Dr. Cullinan provided a brief history of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC), which was created by President Hatch last year to provide input to the administration regarding staff needs and issues. He noted that the inaugural membership was appointed by President Hatch; however, annual campus elections with staggered terms of service, in conjunction with presidential appointments, will constitute the future membership basis.

The group discussed accomplishments in which the SAC played a role from the previous year, including:

  1. The establishment of the Staff Advisory Council as a separate entity from the University Senate, providing recognition of staff as a unique group;
  2. A presidential address by Dr. Hatch to staff;
  3. Reorganization and improvement of HR services;
  4. Health insurance benefits review and cost containment;
  5. Compensation review and upgrade for non-exempt staff; and
  6. Participation on the Strategic Planning Council.

SAC members introduced themselves, and new members were welcomed to the group. It was noted that letters have been sent to all members’ supervisors requesting their full support and encouragement of participation by staff.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Staff Advisory Council will be Wednesday, November 14, at noon. Following a short business meeting, master planning consultants from the architectural firm of Ayer/Saint/Gross will provide information and solicit input regarding the campus master plan.

Membership Committee Report

Membership Committee Chairperson, Julie Groves, discussed the nominations and elections processes and provided summary statistics. She stated that the Membership Committee will select a non-exempt staff representative to the University Senate from among the non-exempt SAC members, a position currently held by Gloria Stickney whose term has expired. Julie noted that in the future, University Senate representatives will be elected by the SAC in the spring, with service beginning the following fall. Contact will be made with University Senate leadership regarding the term of service for staff representatives.

Areas for Consideration for 2007-2008

The following potential areas of focus for the SAC were discussed:

  1. Benefits Review – Expansion of health insurance options, focus on wellness, service network of health-insurance providers, PTO
  2. Strategic Planning – Gloria Stickney, staff representative on the University Planning Council, distributed preliminary staff-related information from the draft of the Strategic Plan. She asked that SAC members review it carefully and send any comments to her or Dr. Cullinan. Gloria also encouraged everyone to take advantage of opportunities to attend discussion forums and to review the document in its entirety when it is made available to the University community.
  3. Child Care – Study in progress by Human Resources staff
  4. Compensation – Market study and analysis of exempt positions
  5. Communications – Both within the SAC and throughout the University
  6. Human Resources – Performance reviews, customer service

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

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