June 29, 2007

Members Present: Gary Alwine, Kathy Bunn, Maureen Eggert, Kelvin Green, Julie Groves, Donna Gung (recorder), Dana Hutchens, Sherry Long, and Chris McLaughlin

Member Absent: Matthew Cullinan, Gloria Stickney, and Dianne Weavil

Guests: Mary Coburn Dagenhart and Mike Tesh

Assistant VP for Facilities Management

Mr. Mike Tesh announced that Mr. Jim Alty has been selected as the new Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management and will begin on August 1. Mr. Alty has extensive experience in facilities management, most recently at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Health Insurance Update

Mr. Tesh recapped the selection of BC/BS as the health insurance provider. He reported that open enrollment went exceptionally well and commended his staff for their diligence and excellent efforts. Mr. Tesh also pointed out that it is important for employees to give HR feedback, as the BC/BS contract is performance guaranteed. HR will continue to pursue further options such as health savings accounts, online enrollment, and on-campus kiosks for employees without access to a computer.

It was noted that employees will receive new insurance cards, including a health benefits card from ACS, a pharmaceutical benefits card from Catalyx, and a separate dental insurance card (if applicable).

Compensation Review Update

Mr. Tesh reported that salary increases for faculty and non-exempt employees have been very well received, and HR is now turning its attention to compensation for exempt employees. This review will begin as soon as the enrollment of health insurance is completed. On completion, final salary decisions will be contingent on the range of needs and the availability of financial resources. Mr. Tesh promised to update and share the results with the SAC. He is hopeful that this will be completed by March, 2008, in time for consideration in the next budget process.

Mr. Tesh also announced a plan to reorganize the Human Resources Department. The goal is to make it more service oriented and to widen the range of services provided to faculty, staff members, and individual departments in areas of recruitment, staff development, and training. This reorganization will begin after the health enrollment project is completed with a target completion date of September 1.

Child Care Update

Mr. Tesh introduced Coburn Dagenhart who has been assigned to look into the child care project since the end of May. In her research into this subject, she concentrated on: (1) what the University could do in the immediate future, and (2) a long-term plan for child care. She asked for feedback and ideas.

Ms. Dagenhart will continue with the process, and HR will share the results with SAC before making recommendations to the administration. Mr. Tesh cautioned that the role of HR was to provide options, not solutions. This project will be dependent on the university strategic plan, and, if it involves construction of a facility, will have to be included in the campus master plan.

Report from the Membership Committee

Ms. Julie Groves presented the committee recommendations. Ms. Groves said that the initial report was reviewed by Dr. Cullinan and President Hatch, and the present proposal reflected their recommendations.

Ms. Groves highlighted the recommendation for the establishment of a communications committee to ensure regular communications with staff members. The committee also requested a budget to fund SAC-sponsored activities.

Ms. Groves reminded members to e-mail Dr. Cullinan to indicate their willingness to serve another year.

Summer University Casual Dress

Mr. Tesh explained the intention of a summer dress code and the events that led to the distribution of the broadcast message. He understood the concerns of various departments, but pointed out that these were meant to be guidelines and department heads could exercise discretion according to their specific circumstances.

Mr. Tesh said that the University provides a standard for employee relation purposes, but that further communications will be made through directors and managers.

Ms. Hutchens brought up a question concerning dress code for students on work study in various departments. Mr. Tesh will look into this matter and offer recommendations.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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