Membership Expectations

Below we have noted a brief list of expectations for SAC members and the benefits of serving.

What’s expected of a SAC representative:

  • Attendance at monthly Staff Advisory Council meetings.   These meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (September – May) from 9:30am – 11:00am.
  • Communication with your constituents.  This can be about SAC meetings, guests, information presented at meetings, information distributed by SAC listserv, or other campus events.  SAC representatives are elected to represent the staff under a cabinet-level position—this is the Vice President & Provost level.  That means you would be expected to work with other representatives to make sure all staff in that area get appropriate communications.
  • Serve on a committee.  We have internal committees (Work/Life Balance, Professional Development, Fringe Benefits, Membership and Communications) and external campus committees (ex. Capital Planning, Parking & Transportation Advisory, Faculty Senate, etc.).  All of these committees are designed to research and propose solutions to help make things better at WFU.
  • Gather feedback from your constituents.  We need to know what issues are facing staff before we can approach leadership.  SAC representatives need to ask and find out what is out there.
  • Be willing to speak up and participate.  This would include raising issues from your constituents, giving honest feedback on ideas presented, asking questions when you don’t understand and helping with research when the answer is not clear.
  • 3-year commitment, approximately 6 hours a month (unless you opt for a leadership role).  This covers SAC meetings, committee meetings, research time and communications with your constituents.  This is approved time by the President of the University.

Benefits of being a SAC representative:

  • Help change things for the better.  Although WFU is a great place to work, there is always room for improvement.  We want to be the best place to work…hands-down!
  • Learn what’s going on at WFU in areas you might not normally know anything about.  We have many speakers and senior leadership often sends information to the SAC both for feedback and for distribution.
  • Leadership opportunities.  We elect our own officers and committee chairs.  These provide great ways to obtain leadership experience.
  • Connect with other WFU staff.  Serving on SAC is a great way to network and build relationships.  This can help you be more effective in your job.