March 9, 2017

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

MARCH 9, 2017 (BENSON 401 B/D)

9:00 to 10:30 am


  • We were unable to record our meeting on YouTube this month.  We plan to remedy that for our next meeting.
  • Guest Speaker:  Sarah Tooley, CARE Team Case Manager and August Vernon, Emergency Manager and CARE Team Co-Chair shared a presentation on the CARE Team.
    • Full presentation can be seen here.
    • The Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation Team works to keep the campus safe by addressing disruptive, troubling or threatening behavior by students, employees and visitors.
    • The Team uses a repetitive approach to gather information, develop a response and then evaluate the response.
    • The Team is not equipped as a crisis response mechanism but is instead a valuable resource for our community to provide caring outreach.
    • The PDC provides a class on the CARE Team approximately two times each semester.

  • Standing Committee Report-outs:   
    • Communications: No update.
    • Events: Working on the Staff Appreciation Picnic. Save the date: June 6 from 11 – 1:30 pm at Bridger Field House!!!  More details will follow soon.
    • Fringe Benefits: Meetings have been held with Human Resources, Hof Milam and the Faculty Senate Chair to review options and provide feedback.  Shannon Araya will present a benefits update at our April SAC meeting.
    • Membership: We are seeking nominations for our current membership drive.  Nominations will remain upon until March 24th.
    • Pro Humanitate: Sign-ups are now open for our Habitat for Humanity build day on May 20th.  We will also host a children’s book drive for Mineral Springs Elementary in conjunction with the Staff Appreciation Picnic on June 6th.
  • Outside Committee Report-outs:  SAC representatives on other committees –
    • Capital Planning Advisory: No update.
    • Faculty Senate: No update.
    • Parking & Transportation: No update.
    • Tree Advisory: No meeting.
    • DIPC:  An update was provided on the current campus climate highlighting that recent focus has been on supporting immigrant students; there is also a need to address those students who are more “conservative” as they have expressed concerns that most of the speakers being brought to campus are “left-leaning” which leads to feelings of isolation.  The DIPC will be focusing their efforts on the Inclusive Practices Survey that was distributed earlier.  Feedback has been received and now qualitative research into that feedback is needed.  DIPC members were asked to facilitate 90-minute sessions to discuss the survey responses and to source feedback and examples of how the practices are exercised within our community.  Matt Williams will host two open feedback sessions for the community.  These sessions will be offered April 5 and April 19 in the Autumn Room from 12 PM – 1:30 PM.  Lunch will not be provided so members of the community are encouraged to bring their lunch.  Related marketing and a link for registration through the PDC will be available in the coming days.  In addition, Shayla Herndon-Edmunds is in the process of developing a diversity education website that will be available for faculty, students, and staff.
    • Finance Advisory: No update.
    • Professional Development: No update.
    • Proverty Free Task Force:  Current efforts are being focused on ensuring that as many people as possible are aware of the Chaplain’s Emergency Fund and its purpose and availability.  Efforts are also underway to review contract worker agreements to attempt to move them their pay up to the living wage standard.
  • Raffle Drawing: Stephanie Reitz won our gift certificate drawing.

General Announcements

  • Turn on Google 2-Step!  Protect yourself and your accounts by turning on Google 2-Step.
  • Work is still continuing on some of our Speak Out topics.  Updates will be provided when available.
  • Don’t forget to like us on social media where you will find all kinds of general announcements!  Be sure to update your accounts!
  • Save the date – June 6 – Staff Picnic at Bridger Field House from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM.  More details to come soon!!

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