October 13, 2016


Guest Speaker:  Mary Gerardy, Associate Vice President, Campus Life presented on the History of Student Activism at Wake Forest University. She gathered information by interviewing long-standing members of the WFU Community (Ed Wilson), as well as reviewing archived newspaper articles in the Old Gold and Black. Below is a list of some major historical events on campus, as well as a link to the full presentation:

  • Major Historical Events to Note:
    • Campus was divided Greeks and non-Greeks
    • WFU was a “dry” campus and students had to purchase beer outside of the city limits
    • There was no dancing allowed on campus, even for some time after the move to Winston-Salem
    • The move from Wake Forest, NC to Winston Salem, NC in 1956—students were excited to be in a larger city
    • In February 1960 10 WFU students participated in a Lunch Counter Sit-In at F.W. Woolworth Co. They were arrested and charged with trespassing but were later released on a $100 bond (paid for by the Chaplain, the Dean of Students, and a religion professor)
    • In September 1962, WFU’s campus integrates by enrolling Ed Reynolds and Patricia Smith.
    • 1968—300 Faculty/Staff/Students marched from campus to city hall after MLK’s assassination
    • 1968, 1972—war rallies on the quad
    • 1996—tragic death of 2 WFU students prompt assembly at the capital to support more severe penalties for frequent DWI offenders
    • 1999—hundreds of students sign a petition to support same-sex ceremonies
    • Last Decade: LQBTQ Rights, Marginalization of students/belonging, election politics, aggressive policing, sexual assault and violence
    • Continued concerns from students: parking, dining, dancing, tuition hikes, drinking, etc.
  • In summation, there have always been compassionate and caring people who break barriers and speak out about significant issues of the times


Guest Speaker: Angela Culler discussed current Faculty and Staff Auto Enrollment Retirement Plan

  • Reviewed the current 403(b) Retirement Plan with TIAA—WFU Retirement Plan transitioned to TIAA in February 2016
  • WFU Contributions
    • 5% after 2 years, 7.5% after 5 years, 10% after 10 years
  • Faculty/Staff Contributions
    • No waiting period, can contribute immediately
    • All new hires are now auto-enrolled at 5% with the option to waive or reduce their percentage
  • There is a Retirement Committee made up of Faculty/Staff that continually provides input and evolves the plan
  • The new hire auto enrollment has increased Faculty/Staff contribution from 33% to 37% since July 2016
  • HR is considering auto enrollment for current Faculty/Staff that are NOT contributing at this time. Auto enrollment would be at 5% and would come into effect July 1, 2017. As always, HR will allow for an opt out or ability to change the percentage, at any time.
  • Questions were asked about adjusting retirement age (currently at 62-65)
  • SAC Committee Members will be receiving a survey regarding our thoughts on the potential current-staff auto enrollment option.
  • Benefits Advocates—group that is available to answer any Faculty/Staff retirement questions. Can be found on the HR website or by calling x4700.


Standing Committee FY17 Goals Presentations / Report-outs:

  • Communications: 1. Create a FB page and develop marketing plan-please go “like” us! 2. Investigate potential of adding SoMe links to our SAC website. 3. Investigate potential for live streaming of SAC meetings. 4. Look into creating an archive for our newsletter on the website. 5. Continue to partner with other committees to promote events and news.
  • Events: 1. Encourage attendance at all SAC meetings. 2. Work with Second Harvest Foodbank on food collections between Thanksgiving-Holiday Break (use big WF board in Benson to encourage students to drop food)—deliver to food bank by Dec 15. 3. Would like to have Staff Appreciation Picnic at BB&T again—seeking suggestions for a theme—let Denise know if you have any ideas.
  • Fringe Benefits: 1. Promote/increase awareness of WFU retirement programs and staff wellbeing initiatives. 2. Continued education and understanding of cost of care—com is a good resource for this.
  • Membership: 1. Track attendance at all SAC meetings. 2. Find ways to communicate discussions and decisions with departments that members represent. 3. Define ways to attract more members. 4. Define ways to increase voting rates for SAC council elections. 5. Analyze effects of further breakdown of main divisions into smaller units.
  • Pro Humanitate: 1. Identify opportunities for staff to engage in Pro Humanitate efforts. 2. Events: Fall—food bank volunteer opportunity. Winter—Mineral Springs giving. Spring—partner with events committee during picnic.

The full presentation can be found here.

Outside Committee Report-outs:  SAC representatives on other committees

  • Capital Planning Advisory: Have not met.
  • Faculty Senate: Meeting next week and will be discussing retirement plan options with Angela Culler.
  • Parking & Transportation: Meeting next week.
  • Tree Advisory: First meeting of the year, did an orientation for new members. Went through the tree care plan for each tree on campus. Discussed Construction Policy. The group is always looking to add trees and shrubs on campus whenever they have to remove some due to construction, illness, or safety.
  • DIPC: N/A
  • Finance Advisory: N/A
  • PDC: PDC emphasis week is TBD. Lynda.com discussions and how different groups are using it and how it can exist with PDC. PDC is looking to add Lynda classes. If you go to Lynda.com, click on organizational account, and use your Wake Forest ID and password. Now owned by Linked-In, so as you complete courses you can add it to your Linked-In profile


Raffle Drawing Winner: $25 gift card to Campus Stores—Willie Singletary!


General Announcements


  • Upcoming Meeting: November 10th (ZSR Library Auditorium) – We will welcome August Vernon, Emergency Manager, to speak about disaster and crisis prevention.


  • Employee of the Year Awards Campus Celebration will be held on Tuesday, October 11th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in Reynolda Hall, Green Room.


  • Please check out the September 2016 Staff Milestones! Congratulate those in your departments!


  • Wake Forest University is sponsoring free flu shots for all faculty, staff, and retirees. Spouses, partners, and dependent children (at least 4 years old), who are enrolled in the University’s BlueCross BlueShield medical plan also are welcome, but not required to register.  Please bring your BlueCross BlueShield card to verify coverage.  Flu Shots being offered on the PDC website (http://pdc.wfu.edu/events/154/); be sure to register for a session now.


  • Don’t forget to like us on social media where you will find all kinds of general announcements including information about the Google 2-Step Verification! Be sure to update your accounts!



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