December 9, 2015

Dr. Reynolds has been at Wake Forest University for 34 years. 29 of those years she served as faculty, and the last 5 have been administrative. She began as Dean on July 1, 2015.

As new Dean, one of the biggest changes is articulating the vision. What is the vision? It is made up of two parts: one focusing on the JD program, educating the whole professional for a lifetime, and the other part is bringing law to the world.

PowerPoint Presentation can be viewed here.

Transformation of Worrell (see pictures provided in presentation)

Worrell needed more meeting space, so they raised money and have spent it transforming the building. The “Commons” is what we walk into when we now enter Worrell. Renovations touched almost every part of the building. “The building layout makes sense now”, Dr. Reynolds says.

A new space that Dr. Reynolds loves is Legal Grounds Cafe, located on the first floor, which is a cafe serving Krankies coffee. It is open until 3pm, serving breakfast and lunch foods, including soups, sandwiches, paninis and more.

Students love the new quiet study area facing Alumni Hall.

On the second floor is the Smith Anderson Office of Community Outreach (a gift from Smith Anderson law offices in Charlotte), where students practice pro bono work as well as great community work. All these activities are coordinated here in this community outreach area. “Worrell has a new sense of warmth and purpose that it didn’t have before”, Dr. Reynolds says.

The building is open, so undergraduates, faculty, and staff can also use the building and visit the cafe. There may be an access cut-off time. Construction in the law area is complete, but continues for HES.

New degree program

MSL (Master of Studies in Law) in

  • Health Law
  • Human Relations
  • Risk Management and Cyber Security (possible future program)
  • Corporate Compliance (possible future program)

One can’t practice law with this degree, but graduates of this program will learn and know the law. Now concentrating on a wholly online master of studies in law program, starting this summer, with three start dates, because it is online and asynchronous. Specialty tracks: HR and Health Law and Policy.

For who? Any working professionals who want to understand the law better.

How? Complete in two years, part time, fully asynchronous, 24 total credit hours, $1000/credit hour. Flexible and interactive, collaborative learning. (Question from SAC: will there be a tuition concession for WFU faculty/staff? Answer: not sure… will find out.)

New Degrees

  • Two year JD for international lawyers (we have a huge international footprint in the law school) We are one of the first schools in the southeast to offer this. Concurrent JD/MBA (part-time)
  • Dual JD/MA in Sustainability
  • Dual JD/MA in Religion
  • Dual JD/MA in Bioethics

New Programs

  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Law
  • Health Law and Policy

New Clinics

We have veterans in the Law School – lots of former soldiers are using the GI bill and coming to our law school. They have a wonderful presence at the law school, and have recently started the Veterans Legal Clinic.

Recent successes

We rank among top 25 law schools!

SAC Committee Report-Outs:

Communications: updated newsletter, thanks to everyone for sharing topics for the newsletter

Events: Childrens Home hats and gloves donations, ends tomorrow, 12/10

Fringe Benefits: BCBS – not too late to get your $50 for this semester and $150 for next. Wendy will walk through this at next meeting. Let her know if you have any questions on the dependent eligibility audit. Remind your constituents of this so that your dependents don’t get dropped. We should all do this for this semester, no excuses. Please encourage people to do it. Doesn’t take long, it’s just a survey questionnaire. Only takes a few minutes.

Membership: No updates. (No losses! :))

Professional Development: In the middle of PDEW – Every day has a theme, check it out on PDC website. Will be working with departments who don’t have a lot of access to computers, will work on getting printed newsletters out.

Pro Humanitate: again, hats and gloves

Work Life Balance: nothing to report

Outside Committees:

Capital planning – nothing to report

Faculty Senate – last meeting was an exercise led by the Provost – participants are asked to write the history of WFU from 2015 to 2030 – anticipating challenges and how we will adapt. Will meet again in January

Parking and Transportation: nothing to report

Tree Advisory: nothing to report

DIPC: nothing to report

Finance Advisory Committee: nothing to report


  • There is no January SAC meeting.
  • For anyone interested in donating PTO: We are getting down to the wire. Please contact HR to donate time as it must be used this calendar year.
  • Years of Service Recognition award – gift selection expiration date of 12/31 is fast approaching. HR is happy to help if anyone has questions.

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