November 21, 2013

Summary:  Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue spoke on her first months in her position and introduced the SAC to changes made or approaching, Shayla Herndon-Edmunds and Travis Manning were recognized as employees of the year, Karen Frekko was congratulated for her election as SAC vice president,  Kevin Cox was announced as chair of the Communications Committee, outgoing SAC president Mary Cranfill was honored for her long SAC leadership and membership, committee reports were presented, and more.

–Vice President Penny Rue presented a wide-ranging, highly information introduction to herself and Campus Life. Highlights:

  • Dr. Rue came to Wake Forest after extensive experience in campus life/student life at the University of California/San Diego, the University of Virginia, Georgetown University and UNC-Chapel Hill.  Education:  Duke, Ohio State, Maryland.
  • In regard to her campus life philosophy, she stressed, in part:  student safety and well-being are paramount, students grow through a delicate balance of challenge and support, membership and belonging are central to the developmental process and Wake Forest experience, spiritual development is a central piece of well-being, we need to provide opportunities for students to get involved.
  • The University has private support to hire a director of well-being.
  • With the retirement of three senior Campus Life administrators recently, the time is here to review the situation, see what is most needed.
  • Campus Life is developing a focus on assessment of its efforts.
  • In regard to well-being, Dr. Hatch has articulated well-being as one of his top priorities. Well-being has several parts—physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational and more.  Students can “derail” and it is critical that universities understand how they encounter such difficulties.  Too often, students don’t pay attention to the basics—eat, sleep and exercise.
  • She is determined that Wake Forest’s “out-of-class” environment is as enriching and purposeful as its academic realm and that Campus Life staff are seen as go-to people to bring about creative, student-centered initiatives.

More about the Meeting:

  • Shayla Herndon-Edmonds and Travis Manning were acknowledged for their recent selection by SAC as employees of the year.
  • Karen Frekko was recognized as SAC vice president.  Kevin Cox was announced as her successor as chair of the Communications Committee.
  • The final version of the SAC logo, developed with the assistance of Communications and External Relations (CER), was shown and approved.  Karen Frekko, who until recently chaired the Communications Committee, led that effort, with participation by Kevin Cox of CER and support by other members of the SAC communications committee.  The Communications Committee will be launching the SAC newsletter in January.  Committee chairs will be asked for brief news items to include.
  • Greg Keener of the Events Committee updated SAC on that group’s efforts to develop one or more events this academic year to demonstrate appreciation for the staff.  In recent years, the committee has organized opportunities for staff to attend a men’s basketball game and pre-game lunch.  Other options are being considered this time that might enable more staff to participate.
  • Shannon Badgett of the Fringe Benefits Committee reported that HR would be presenting information on potential benefits changes to the Fringe Benefits committees of the SAC & Faculty Senate for feedback prior to announcing to the entire campus.
  • Kevin Cox, SAC representative to the Faculty Senate, reported that 1) Senator Michele Gillespie presented a report on her participation in a meeting of the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Advancement and Communication, 2) Senate President Hank Kennedy made a presentation on the 2013 AAUP Final Report on Salaries and Compensation, 3) Senator Mike Hughes reported that the University continues developing a policy to require new faculty to undergo background checks and drug tests, 4) Senator James Cotter reported that the University is looking long term at a major renovation of Hearn Plaza residence halls, and 5) and Senate President Kennedy announced that President Hatch will appear before the Senate on Dec. 11.
  • A general discussion regarding SAC meeting attendance and potential meeting time change was discussed.  An informal survey will be sent to SAC members by the SAC VP.

The next meeting of the SAC will be at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 28 in Broyhill Auditorium.  Director of Athletics Ron Wellman will speak.

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