October 25, 2013

Summary: Vice President Mark Petersen and Associate Vice President Brett Eaton spoke about the Wake Will capital campaign, Associate Vice President John Wise spoke on the north campus dining building under construction, Kimberly Murry spoke on the Dignity & Respect campaign, Senate President Mary Cranfill encouraged all in SAC to vote on Employee of the Year nominations, committee reports were presented, and more.

–Vice President Mark Petersen and Associate Vice President Brett Eaton (both of University Advancement) spoke about Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest.  They showed two videos produced for the campaign.  Highlights:

  • The public launch of the campaign featured an event for donors on Oct. 17 and an event for faculty, staff and students (along with many alumni who came by) on Oct. 18 on Manchester Plaza.
  • Already, $315 million has been pledged. The campaign’s goal is $1 billion, with $600 million to be raised for Wake Forest and $400 million for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  It is the largest campaign goal in WFU history.
  • A campaign style guide has been established.
  • Key components of the campaign strategy were explained, such as addressing tough questions that get in the way of giving, facilitating face-to-face conversations with potential donors, and making giving easy and rewarding.
  • The overarching vision for the campaign is “Leading Lives That Matters.” Messages to be repeated throughout the campaign are 1) create opportunity, 2) educate the whole person, and 3) inspire excellence.
  • Regional launches are scheduled for Rocky Mount, Asheville, Wilmington, Charlotte, New York City, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Raleigh.
  • The web site for the campaign is wakewill.wfu.edu .

–Associate Vice President John Wise spoke on all the areas he oversees:  University stores, campus dining, Graylyn, mail services, conference services, and parking and transportation.

  • Recently, campus dining has focused on expanding healthy food options, adding variety in food choices, increasing the capacity to serve diners and adding flexibility in dining services.
  • New dining facilities opened include Moe’s and Forest Greens in Benson food court, Einstein’s bagel shop in Farrell Hall and Zick’s on Hearn Plaza.
  • The new north campus dining facility (near new residence halls and Farrell Hall) will be open 24/7. It will feature two primary dining areas plus a store and a Starbucks.   Several study and socializing areas will be available inside and outside.
  • No changes are planned in regard to parking (including potential fees) for the remainder of the academic year.  Previously, the University had announced initial plans for parking fees for staff and faculty, but no updates have been made since last spring and no fees have been implemented.
  • The new manager for University Stores is Andy Roush.  The stores are now operated by Follett.  Discounts for departments have risen to 25 percent; discounts are now 20percent for faculty/staff.

–Kimberly Murry of the Diversity and Inclusion office presented information on the ongoing Dignity & Respect campaign, which concludes in November. She encouraged all to go online and take the Dignity & Respect pledge at diversity.provost.wfu.edu/dignity-respect .

–Mary Cranfill encouraged SAC members to participate in the Employee of the Year voting online.

–Committee reports:

  • Karen Frekko, Communications, reported that progress is being made with development of an SAC logo and she will work with CER on final modifications to the design favored by SAC in recent voting. She added that the committee is looking into new ways electronically to communicate with staff, in coordination with CER.
  • Greg Keener, Events, reported that the committee is exploring various events that might be staged for staff.
  • Ted Johnson, Elections, reported that voting for SAC vice president will begin Oct. 25.
  • Kelly Segovia, Work-Life Balance, reported that new efforts will be made to alert staff and faculty to discounts offered by various business to them as WFU employees.
  • Angie Jones, Professional Development, reported that the committee will hold its first meeting of the academic year in the coming week.
  • Shannon Badgett, Fringe Benefits, reported that new efforts will be made to better inform staff and faculty of certain benefits that apparently are generally unfamiliar to some on campus.  Such benefits include those relating to AFLAC, life isurance and more.

–Kevin Cox, SAC representative to the Faculty Senate, reported that 1) a sexual harassment policy for faculty remains under development and 2) the senate is focusing closely on increasing faculty compensation.  Provost Kersh, who spoke at length on various issues, said the next step is developing a clear target for higher compensation.  What will help determine where compensation will go?

–It was announced that Jennifer Killingsworth was elected as SAC president to succeed Mary Cranfill.  As previously noted, an election for Killingsworths’s successor as VP will be held starting Oct. 25.

–General Announcements:

  • Dr. Penny Rue, vice president for campus life, will speak at the Nov. 21 SAC meeting at 9:30 a.m. in Benson University Center, 401-D.
  • Deacon Depot Day was announced as being held the day of the meeting.  In Benson Center.
  • The group was encouraged to contribute to the United Way campaign.
  • A campus-wide celebration will be held on Nov. 12 for staff recognized earlier on that day at the annual staff appreciation event.  The campus-wide event will be held at 4 p.m. in Reynolda Hall’s Green Room.


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