October 25, 2011

Summary: Guest Speaker from Professional and Leadership Development ~ John Champlin, Standing Committee Reports, Outside Committee Reports, update on staff event, Next speaker info,

In attendance: Prentice Armstrong, Travis Asbury, Kathy Bunn, Carmen Canales, Cathy Chinlund, Mary Cranfill, Debbie Deheck, Karen Frekko, Jeff Gaither, Tomma Gustaferro, Teresa Hill, Beth Hoagland, Harold Holmes, Corey Jenkins, Ted Johnson, Angie Jones, Jennifer Killingsworth, Travis Manning, Buz Moser, Sharon Payne, Dee Perry, Paul Sheff, Lori Sykes, Elide Vargas

Professional and Leadership Development, John Champlin, guest speaker: John spoke about the CORE program (Cultivating our Organization to Realize Excellence)

  • This provides development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • The certification program typically takes 22-24 months, but an employee can take longer if necessary
  • Register for courses through the PDC
  • There is a symbol to indicate that courses are part of the CORE curriculum
  • There is a system in place to track an employee’s progress
  • Even if a particular category is complete (Communication, etc.), an employee can continue to take classes in the same area
  • The Professional and Leadership Development group is exploring the possibility of receiving credit for non-university events/conferences.  If an employee is interested in this possibility, he/she should send a “syllabus/itinerary” to the PDC for consideration.

Standing Committees:

  • Professional Development (Buz Moser, Chair):
    • Discussed expectations of the group
    • Set the top priority to assess resources on campus and other programs at other institutions to consider for WFU
    • Will work/talk with curren program coordinators to see what recommendations/change are needed
  • Communications (Karen Frekko, Chair):
    • Discussed communiations processes on campus
    • Set top priority to contact various the head/director of various groups responsible for dissemination of communication to the Wake Forest community
    • How can listserves, websites, and rss feed be utilized to better communicate with the Wake Forest community
  • Work/Life Balance (Beth Hoagland, Chair)
    • Discussed why each member chose to serve on the committee
    • Goals included:
      • identifying units with alternate schedules (odd hours)
      • identify what’s currently offered
      • each committee member will talk to University staff to see what they are interested in
      • consider doing another staff climate survey
      • consider doing a work/life balance survey
  • Fringe Benefits (Pat Morton)
    • Set top priority to look at retirement issues facing staff members, i.e., what is the policy now and how does a staff member plan for retirement and/or start the process
    • How is Federal Health initiative care affecting Wake Forest
    • How does the calendar affect benefits at Wake Forest
    • Update in medical/dental/vision plans
      • What benefits do we currently have?
      • What benefits are on the plate for future additions?
      • need clarification on dependent care
      • age opt-in/ou
      • any other issues that may have arisen
    • Update on tuition concession, including full breakdown on total tuition issues
    • Issues with the new by-laws of the Faculty Senate FB committee to be addressed
    • Update on PTO
      • what does PTO entail, i.e., carryover, sick time, exempt and non-exept
      • PTO sharing
      • How does this work and what does it entail?
  • Elections (Tomma Guastaferro, Chair)
    • Additional committee members are needed
    • Electronic elections in 2010-2011 was a success with a significant increase in the number of votes that cast

Outside Committees:

  • Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee (Sharon Payne):
    • the committee deal with appeals
    • discussed paid parking for facutly and staff
    • discussed issues regarding the parking lot at Worrell
    • discussed a possible stoplight on University parkway at the entrance to Worrell
  • Capital Planning (Doug Bland):
    • there will be an ongoing process to name roads rather than just 1834 Wake Forest Road
    • this should help with deliveries on campus
  • Dining Committee (Summer) (Jennifer Killingsworth):
      • committee has had a consultant to look at the dining options and make recommendations
      • recommendations included:
        • replacing Zoca with Moe’s
        • students supported installing a healthy salad bar option in the food court
        • improve seating with more inviting style and seating options (renovations have been approved)
        • turning the Little Mag Room into the buffet area and add more seating in the Mag Room
        • enclose patio at Shorty’s (on Manchester Plaza) for additional seating in the off-season
    • encourage a sense of community with faculty and staff
    • repurposing of space (inform building occupants)
    • being willing to accept change (especially energize Hearn Plaza as a center of activity)
    • aligning hours of activities with student hours
  • Staff Appreciation Committee (Karen Frekko):
    • assisted with employee of the year decisions
    • Staff Appreciation luncheon was a position experience
  • Diversity (Mary Cranfill):
    • voted on what group should take on this year
    • ideas were discussed:
      • start focus groups with under-represented populations on campus
      • have a diversity and inclusion recognition award (have a student group to help with this)
      • investigate creating a student gatekeeper’s series
      • develop a communication and marketing plan for the diversity and inclusion strategic plan

Tree Advisory Committee:

  • need a Staff Advisory Committee member to serve
  • Prentice Armstrong will serve

Staff Event:

  • faculty were invited to a football game/tailgate; staff members were not included
  • Mark Welker and Hof Milam are working on having a similar basketball event for staff members

Angela Mazaris, Director of LGBTQ:

  • Speaker for November meeting
  • She will discuss the details of the committee and what should be accomplished

General Announcements:

  • Title IX
    • Does not involve just athletics
    • This includes the Reynolda and Bowman Gray campuses
    • Includes sexual harassment
    • Plans to educate all faculty, staff, and students
    • Faculty, staff, and students will complete training
    • Campus Connections
      • Encouraged SAC members to attend on Thursday, Octcober 27th (8:45-10:00 am)
      • Gail O’Day, Sara Cromwell, and John Wise are the speakers
      • Deacon Depot
        • The new eProcurement system will be rolled out to full implementation over the next year.
        • United Way
          • Encouraged SAC members to contribute. Finale auction will be held Dec 7th from 3-5 pm in Benson 401

Additional Issues/Suggestions/Announcements from Representatives:

  • no items were discussed

Coffee With Carmen:

  • Carmen Canales, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer, woul like to meet with staff in focus groups of approximately 12 people
  • She plans to schedule meetings quarterly and the groups will be organized by topic

Active Listening/Full SAC Participation:

  • Mary Cranfill, President of the Staff Advisory Council, and Carmen Canales, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer, discussed how to listen to your constituents and the importance of making sure everyone’s voice is heard
  • The Council discussed what information should the group be taking back to our co-workers
  • Discussed how to get feedback and suggestions from co-workers

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