March 29, 2011

Summary:  Guest speaker – Ryan Swanson, University Architect, Committee Reports (Election Faculty Senate), Special Session with Provost, Web Page Development, By-Law Changes

In attendance:  Mary Cranfill, Patrick Morton, Dee Perry, Cathy Chinlund, Nicolle Gaillard, Ann Gordon, Elide Vargas, Karen Frekko, Bob Hebert, Sharon Payne, Paul Sheff, Tomma Guastaferro, Beth Hoagland, and Randy Cockerham, Jennifer Killingsworth, Jim Rae, Donna Thornton, and Teresa Earl.

Guest speaker, Ryan Swanson, University Architect:  Ryan provided slides and a description of all future campus building (Schools of Business, Party Barn, Recreational Center, etc.) and the effect it will have relative to roads, parking, etc. Ryan also shared slides and plans for the new Casa Dingledine in Nicaragua, as well as planned upgrades to Casa Artom in Venice.

  • Initial construction will begin on the new Business School May 16th and run through August 19th , and will involve closing of Polo Road entrance while work is being done.


SAC Business:  Committee Reports:

Election Committee

  • Tomma reported that the new electronic system worked well with an increase in nominations.
    • Nominees will be contacted to ask of their willingness to serve if elected.
  • Breakdown of Divisions:
    • Administration – Financial (4)
    • Athletics (1)
    • Provost (3)
    • Student Life (1)
    • Advancement (1)


Special Speaker Session with Provost Tiefenthaler: It was initially agreed that there was strong interest in having Jill speak to all university staff

  • Plan of action:
    • Mary to contact Anita regarding an available date
    • Prior to event, PDC will work to create a venue by which staff could submit questions
    • Questions will be reviewed and submitted to Provost in order that she may select ahead of time those to which she will speak.

******Since our last meeting it was announced that Provost Tiefenthaler will be resigning from Wake Forest to accept the presidency at Colorado College.  Therefore, a special session will not be scheduled.


Faculty Senate Committee: Discussion regarding Faculty Senate’s desire not to have staff represented on Faculty Senate committees—SAC agreed in understanding Faculty Senate’s decision.  Currently Faculty Senate is undergoing changes and is somewhat unorganized.  Also noted was the yearly change in presidency of the Committee hindering their efforts of being better organized.

  • Agreed that SAC should form its own standing committees with at least three to five members on each committee and each SAC member serving on at least one committee, although concern was voiced about SAC members having the time to sustain committee activity and productiveness.
  • Unanimously voted by SAC members to form the following standing committees:
    • Fringe Benefits Committee
    • Professional Development Committee
    • Business Process Committee –
      • tie in James Springer
      • SAC to take initiative for committee to be staff driven, know what stresses us, and help senior leadership to correct silos and duplicate efforts.
    • Work/Balance Committee


Action Item:

  • At April meeting SAC will define the role and structure of forming each committee and its membership.


Web Page Development – Teresa and Karen reported on the outcome of home page meetings.  Outcome of suggestions for improvement

  • Include upcoming events
  • Post photos of SAC members
  • Post minutes of meetings and bylaws with a comment area
  • Add an event and meeting area
  • Election area
  • Add more graphics and images


Bylaw changes: Discussion postponed to next meeting


Action Item:

  • Mary will send an email of pros and cons of changes and will open for discussion at April meeting.



  • Nicolle introduced Jennifer Killingsworth, replacing Candi,
    • Action confirmed by Executive Committee
  • It is tentatively expected that the new Associate VP of Human Resources will be announced at the end of May.

Future SAC guest speakers:

  • April – Angela Culler about compensation.
  • Fall – Harold Pace, new Registrar as possible speaker.

The next Staff Advisory Council Meeting (SAC) meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 26th , 1:30 – 3:00 pm, location to be announced.

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