October 6, 2009


1) Election of Officers

a. Officers were nominated, seconded and confirmed by the necessary numbers needed to meet By-Laws rules by members present. Officers are as follows:

i. President – Gary Alwine

ii. Vice President – Mary Cranfill

iii. Secretary – Patrick Morton

iv. Chair of the Election Committee – Gale Newport.

b. These chairs will be held from 6-October -2009 until 30 – June – 2010.

2) Election of Members to fill vacant slots

a. This process will be undertaken by the election Committee under the leadership of Gale Newport and the Election Committee for a recommendation to the Executive Committee to be presented at the next meeting.

3) The issue of respect – The staff in some departments still don’t

get respect from their supervisors.

a. This is an issue that is very important. The SAC officers will take this concern to HR but will also make avenues for anonymously submitting complaints via the SAC webpage. Although the individual complaints will not be addressed, issues submitted can point to trends which will then in turn be acted upon by the SAC.

4) What role the SAC will hold with the University Senate – Now that the

SAC is formed will staff representation be eliminated from the Senate.

a. There is a motion within the University Senate to convert it to a Faculty Senate. If this change does occur, then Staff and Administrative representation will be removed from the University Senate. Thus the SAC will need to take a more visible role in the University climate. However, until this does take place, the SAC officers will start increased communications with the University Senate leaders. SAC members will also need to continue to serve on committees that serve a common ground between Faculty and Staff.

5) Do we need to replace the missing member of the SAC on the Senate.

a. This will be discussed by the SAC Officers based on conversations had with the University Senate leadership.

6) Is there a staff member on the Fringe Benefits Committee.

a. Yes, the Staff member on the fringe benefit Committee is Patrick Morton.

7) How do we establish communication between the SAC and the Senate

a. This will be explored by the SAC Officers

8) Communication with all staff members.

a. The group discussed various ways to improve communication between the SAC and Staff members on and off campus. One avenue explored was the use of the WFU-Staff broadcast email address. The SAC officers will meet with the VP of communication and of HR to express their wishes to make this a more robust tool for the dispersion of information to the staff.

b. The group also discussed posting updates to the SAC webpage, Windows on Wake Forest and other electronic means, such as Blogs and RSS feeds. The Old Gold & Black will also be contacted to post updates.

Meeting Schedule:

· Meetings will be held the FIRST Thursday of each month (November, February, March, April, May, September)

· The meetings will be held from 2:00pm – 3:30pm.

· The Location of the November 5th meeting will be Benson 301. Further meetings will have location communicated to the membership.

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