September 10, 2008

Members Present: Matthew Cullinan [chair], Gary Alwine, Randy Cockerham, Ann Flynn, Nicolle Gaillard, Ann Gordon, Julie Griffin, Cynthia Hall, Bob Hebert, Ellen Makaravage, Patrick Morton, Gale Newport, Carolyn Potts, Mike Tesh, Jean Trowbridge

Members Absent: Mary Cranfill, Jim Rae

Guests: Jim Alty, Jim Coffey, Ryan Swanson, Luanne Greene [Ayers/Saint/Gross], Bynum Walter [Ayers/Saint/Gross], Carolyn Winebarger [recorder]


New and returning members of the Staff Advisory Council and guests were welcomed and introduced.

Campus Master Planning

Facilities staff and representatives from the architectural firm of Ayers/Saint/Gross presented an update on the proposed campus master plan.

Human Resources Update

Mike Tesh reported that he will be providing information on Human Resources initiatives and projects at each Staff Advisory Council meeting. He urged members to contact him with suggestions and feedback.

University Senate Representative

The Membership Committee has been asked to facilitate the selection of a Staff Advisory Council member to fill the University Senate staff representative slot vacated by Julie Groves.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Category: Minutes