March 12, 2007

Members Present: Matthew Cullinan [chair], Gary Alwine, Kathy Bunn, Maureen Eggert, Julie Groves, Donna Gung, Dana Hutchens, Sherry Long, Chris McLaughlin

Member Absent: Kelvin Green, Gloria Stickney, Dianne Weavil

Guests: Carolyn Winebarger (recorder)

The Staff Advisory Council convened for a special meeting to discuss concerns which had been expressed to members regarding the recent announcement about salary increases for the upcoming year. Dr. Cullinan provided an overview of the budget and salary processes. He shared plans for working with the incoming Human Resources director to improve the administration of performance evaluations, complete pertinent compensation market surveys, and to develop an appropriate compensation strategy and philosophy.

Discussion ensued regarding non-salary-related means for improving staff satisfaction, including:

  • Customized orientation sessions for new employees
  • Broader circulation of announcements to include the entire campus community
  • Expansion of professional development opportunities

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Category: Minutes