February 23, 2007

Members Present: Matthew Cullinan [chair], Gary Alwine, Kathy Bunn, Maureen Eggert, Kelvin Green, Julie Groves, Donna Gung, Dana Hutchens, Chris McLaughlin, Gloria Stickney, Dianne Weavil

Member Absent: Sherry Long

Guests: Carolyn Winebarger (recorder)

Committee Representation
Dana Hutchens and Gary Alwine have agreed to serve as the Staff Advisory Committee representatives for the University Finance Advisory Committee.

Members of the SAC Membership Committee are: Julie Groves (convener), Kelvin Green, Sherry Long, and Chris McLaughlin.

A staff representative for the University Senate will be selected prior to the April Senate meeting.

Issues Update
Health Insurance Premiums and Coverage: Dr. Cullinan provided information regarding the University’s in-progress evaluation of health insurance benefits and costs, and data collected from comparable institutions was reviewed.

Paid Time Off Policies: There was discussion regarding inquiries received by SAC members about paid time off policies and the need for uniformity in the administration of these policies.

Communication: The group reviewed accomplishments of the SAC to date and discussed strategies for improving communication with staff members.

Other Business
The next meeting of the Council will be in April, 2007.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

Category: Minutes